Ex-Top Gear trio has a new home with Amazon Prime

Jeremy Clarkson James May Richard Hammond Top_Gear

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from BBC’s Top Gear back in March, there had been major fallout from the show. The other two presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, both quit as well in support of their fallen comrade. Even producer Andy Wilman, the main creative mind behind most of what we saw on the show left too. Since then, fans have been clamp ring to find any information as to where the trio’s new home would be. Alas, we finally have an answer.

Amazon has announced that they have signed the ex-Top Gear crew. This is huge for them, as Top Gear was the world’s most watched factual-based program, drawing in a global audience of around 350 million viewers per year. Wilman has been brought along to continue producing with the team as well. In speaking to Radio Times, he stated that they’ll start production once everyone is back from summer vacation. He also said “they’ll give us the freedom to make the programmes we want…there’s a budget to produce programmes of the quality we want and this is the future.”

Here’s Clarkson’s daughter snapping a photo of the excitement:

This is huge, as one of the biggest problems and complaints Clarkson and the others had with BBC was creative freedom. Well Jezza, now you have it. I’m excited to see what adventures and hijinks him, the hamster and Captain Slow will get into come next year. I guess it’s fitting that the Chimpanzee would be found on Amazon right? (Top Gearheads will catch that joke)

What would you like to see on Amazon’s new car show with the Top Gear trio? Let us know in the comments below.

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