New Spider-Man will be ‘geeky’ and an ‘outcast’


Lately there seems to be a lot news swirling around the much-anticipated Spider-Man reboot starring Tom Holland. A new report just came out that sheds some light on key elements of the story for the first standalone film. The writers behind the new Spider-Man, John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein, were at the red carpet for the premiere of their new movie, Vacation. They revealed that the film would not have an origin story. The writers also revealed that they would focus on making the new Peter Parker more self-conscious, less popular and more of an outcast.

Goldstein: “I don’t think the origin story is going to be in there and also I think we’re going to avoid the emo dance (from Spider-Man 3)…as much love it. The main difference I think is the tone will be really grounded, about a real kid who gets these powers and what that means to a geeky, outcast kid and how he deals with them. You don’t instantly become a superhero, it’s a long journey.”

Daley: “It’s spending a lot more time in the high school. And so we have time to sort of develop the powers with him and experience the wish fulfillment. And also just the fact that it is really alienating to other people.”

Goldstein: “We want to sort of tell that story, and the fact that getting powers and becoming Spider-Man doesn’t solve your problems.”

Daley: “Because he has to keep it a secret from everyone, so it just makes everything worse for him.”

Sounds like the writers have the character pretty well thought out. It will be good to see geeky, outcast Peter again. Some say Andrew Garfield’s portrayal was too cool for the character and some believed Tobey Maguire’s take on Parker was too melodramatic. Should be interesting to see how Tom Holland does with the character given his predecessors.

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Source: USA Today

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