Disneyland used to have live mermaids

disneyland mermaids

If you’re a hardcore Disneyland fan or have visited Disneyland back in the ’60s, then you may probably know about the amusement park using real people dressed up as mermaids to swim around the Submarine Voyage (which is now Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage) during the summer time. Well, the mermaids have been gone for a long time, but we can all imagine what it would be like. If your imagination sucks, you can always check out the video below promoting the ride and its real-life mermaids (young females fitting inside a mermaid tail).

One of the coolest things in the video is seeing mermaids chilling on the rock, which actually helps keep them warm after swimming in the cold lagoon, according to Suzanne Brewster, who used to be a Disneyland mermaid.

Before the premiere of the Submarine Voyage, the local newspaper had an ad asking swimmers for a chance to be a mermaid. The girls would line up at the Disneyland Hotel pool, trying on the mermaid trails. If they were chosen, they would get to make $45 per week, according to Susan Hoose, another former mermaid who is now 74 years old.

The ride premiered in 1959 and was inspired by a submarine that traveled to the North Pole the year prior. Guests would go inside the submarine as it moves around using an underwater track, giving them a peek at underwater life.

With the water having more chlorine and the fear of male guests being brave enough to swim towards the mermaids (it actually happened), the park decided to discontinue the use of live mermaids, according to former Disney Imagineers Bruce Gordon and David Mumford in the Disneyland: The Nickel Tour book.

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