Could this be the new Spider-Man costume for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

New spiderman costume

Update: The image above and at the bottom is a fan art by spikesdm, and according to the source, it’s the best “legal” representation of the suit.

There seems to be a lot of rumors buzzing around the new Spider-Man film recently. Last week, we reported that a Twitter account claiming to be the Russo Brothers posted who some considered to be a first look at the Spider-Man suit that would be used in Captain America: Civil War. This would later be shot down by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who revealed that the account in question did not belong to the Russos.

After those initial reports, a user on reddit claimed to have inside knowledge on the look of the new costume that would be featured in Civil War. He would not reveal how he got this information or who he was, but he did give a detailed description of the costume and even drew up a mock sketch of the suit.

“Please do not even bother to ask me questions of where I saw this, proof, who I am, where I am and all that stuff. That kind of info will not only make me loose my job, I could end up in jail. So take it as you wish. You kinda just have to trust and ”believe” me when I say that…this is it. This is the suit or…well, a close representation of the suit Tom Holland will cameo in Captain America Civil war. Just wanna say that the suit is more detailed than this obviously and i did this drawing as quickly as i can in an internet cafe. I just downloaded a superhero drawing template from google images, and i just traced on it with a mouse using Sketchbook Pro. I tried my best to recall the design and draw it. I also added a few annotations to explain some of the bits on the suit…I’ll explain it better here…cause you probably can’t read it as i was writing with a mouse.


So the suit is red and black. Red at top, black at the bottom. It’s bright, textured and changes colour a bit according to lighting…(kinda like the Man of Steel one…but much better in my opinion…much much better)…anyways The arms are quoted with white rubber-ish webbing. On the chest is a nice black slick spider-logo…i did my best to draw it accurately. I didn’t see the back of the suit. The eyes are…yep very very interesting. They are circle…much bigger than what I have drawn, they look like camera lens. The outside lids are black and inside there is a white glass textured looking cover. They can blink…and rotate to squint. The face is black webbed…more like a design rather than a proper spider web. There was also like 2 metal things on the shoulders with little blue lights. It has a belt buckle with a spider logo. The hands/knuckles are black and fade into red…looks really neat. The feet have a very thin light red trim. Overall the suit is amazing…besides the eyes :/ Its just beautiful and brighter to look at with a nice streamline design. Sorry for spelling and grammar.”

What’s interesting to me is that both stories claim that the suit will have mechanical eyes and both are red and black. It is also worth noting a reporter from Italy posted similar leaked pictures, with the images being pulled from the site after. More recently the notorious scoop site, Latino Review, claims to have an even better image of the supposed Civil War suit, saying its image comes from a legitimate source within the production.

“The concept art was not drawn from descriptions of the concept art as the initial version of this post stated, this photo was found by a source with access to the Spider-Man costume as a way of legally reporting on how it looked.”


The concept art is some what similar to the other two. All three designs are red and black, and again, they all seem to have googles for the eyes.  The suit is just looks more practical and seems like something Peter Parker would wear before joining The Avengers. There is a rumor that he will get the Iron Spider-Man suit by the end of the film. Either way, this looks like a good base start for the character before he dons the traditionally known red and blue suit as he moves into his own standalone films. There’s really no way to be sure that this is the suit until the release of Captain America: Civil War.

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Source: Latino Review

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