More Batman v Superman pictures, plus Batman and Suicide Squad history revealed

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine via IGN, Zack Snyder has stated that Batman has put the Joker and Harley Quinn in the slammer in their upcoming Suicide Squad film. Essentially, that means the scenes depicted of Batman in the Suicide Squad film is in prequel context.

Zack Snyder also had some very interesting things to say in a brief rundown of Batman’s timeline and his new demeanor:

“We are playing him 45 or 46,” confirmed by Snyder. “He has been Batman for 20 years. All the history is there. Was there a Robin at one time? Possibly. We want to assume that Batman has reached this point in his life and career as a superhero, and Superman represents a sort of philosophical change. He is a paradigm shift for Batman: ‘I’ve been fighting criminals all my life, trying to find justice, and now I am confronted with a concept that is transcendent to me.’ In the face of Superman, a man robbing a bank doesn’t matter. He’s having a crisis of conscience. ‘Am I really just a vigilante who stalks the alleys of Gotham?’ It is rich stuff that he deals with. Ben does an amazing job.”

Plus, here are the new photos of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (high-res images has yet to be released).

What do you guys think of the new details of the film? Are you just as more excited as I am?

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Source: Empire Magazine

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