Nintendo Wii U just passed the 10 million sales mark


Nintendo is starting to turn a profit again during the first fiscal quarter. It’s also during that time that the Nintendo Wii U has sold over 10 million worldwide. Last year’s quarter had the company at a loss of  ¥9.9 billion, and this year the net profit is ¥8.3 billion ($67 million). As for the total revenue, it earned ¥90.2 billion ($729 million); that’s a 21% increase. Of the total revenue, ¥65 billion is coming from the overseas markets.

It’s good news for earnings, however, the Wii U has been declining in sales year after year (it launched in 2012), with this quarter accounting for only 470,000 units being sold compared to last year’s 510,000.

If we focus on just Japan, it’s actually doing great. Last year it sold 60,000, with this year selling 150,000. As for the US, it sold 190,000 consoles compared to last year’s 280,000. As for the other territories, it sold 130,000 compared to last year’s 170,000.

What’s with the decline? Not enough games coming out? We do have Splatoon doing great with 1.62 million digital and physical copies sold so far since its May launch. The Wii U has achieved a total of 4.55 million software titles being sold.

The Nintendo 3DS is definitely doing better than its bigger brother, with 1.01 million units being sold in the first quarter compared to last year’s 820,000 units. However, 3DS games have sold less with 7.92 million from last year’s 8.57 million.

Then there are the amiibo figures. It’s competing with Disney Infinity and Skylanders, but according to Nintendo, it has “favourable sales.” The last reported number was 10.5 million figures being shipped to retailers.

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