New clips from Justice League: Gods & Monsters ‘Save or Rule’


In preparation for today’s release, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, and DC Entertainment have released a new Justice League: Gods & Monsters clip called Save or Rule.

In the clip, we have the government against our heroes asking them to turn themselves in. But, they aren’t the superheroes we know and love… these are a different version. Instead of their no killing rule, our heroes are enforcing brute force in order to bring justice to the world. In this alternate timeline created by executive producer Bruce Timm and co-producer Alan Burnett, Superman was not raised by the Kents, but instead was raised by another; Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne – it’s Kirk Langstrom and he’s a vampire; and Wonder Woman is not an Amazon warrior from Themyscira, she is a new god named Bekka.

Official Synopsis:

In an alternate universe, the Justice League uses brutal force to maintain order on Earth. When scientists begin dying, the world’s governments challenge the League’s dominance.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters comes out in stores today.

Exclusive clips given to Comic Book Resources and are shown below:

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