Does this reveal who Hawkeye sides with in Captain America: Civil War?


Based on this recently released photo below, it looks like Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye, has chosen a side, and that’s with the star-spangled man in blue, Captain America. Is this a hint for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie?

Let’s say in the final movie Hawkeye does choose to side with Cap. Why would he choose to join him and not Iron Man? Well I have a few theories.

Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced a very different Clint Barton, one who held a secret life on the side that only the Black Widow knew about. In the film, it was discovered that Clint had a family, and they played a pretty big role, having used their home as a hideout for the team. We did hear a few times that Clint was trying to keep his work and personal life separate, trying to keep them out of harms way so that no enemy could ever find out. That makes it easy to understand why he would want to be on the anti-registration side, since registering would make his identity and family public knowledge. (The story will depend on whether it’ll be based on the superhero registration act.) What else happened in the comic books to Hawkeye that had to do with his family?


During one of the best comic book arcs in the Marvel Ultimate Universe, Clint Barton’s family was murdered and Clint was left for dead. In an awesome act of escape, Clint used his own fingernails to kill his captors and ultimately escape in a bloody battle.

Could this also be a reason that he goes into hiding and joins Captain America? Will we see Hawkeye become Ronin? I guess we have a lot decide, but with this information, it definitely leads to a huge realm of possibilities.

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