Fox embargoes reviews for Fantastic Four reboot until 3 hours before first showing

**UPDATE: Fox has recently changed their embargo date time to Wednesday August 5th at 6PM. This is now a day earlier than previously mentioned when this article was written. Let’s hope for Fox’s credibility for even releasing this reboot, that this makes some sort of a difference for this movie’s run.


Embargoes for movies that are about to release are fairly common. However, the embargo set time for online and print reviews for the Fantastic Four reboot do not make this movie look promising. According to Kyle Buchanan, the Senior Editor at New York Magazine and Vulture, the online reviews are to be released at 4PM on August 6th, which is literally 3 hours away from the first screening of the movie at 7pm. In addition to that is the embargo of the print release on the day of the movie’s release date. I find this very strange, since movies usually allow reviews several days ahead of its release.

We already know the controversy and the rumors that surrounded the filming of this reboot, but this action only adds more fuel to the fire. Most nerds aren’t excited for this movie already and a lot of people, myself included, wanted to see early critical thoughts of the movie before deciding to go out and paying for it. However it looks like we’re all going to just have to wait until August 6th to see what’s in store for the public once the flood gates open.

Personally? I wasn’t expecting much from this reboot. This now only furthers my apprehension in watching it.


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