Street Fighter V Beta to be pushed back later

street fighter v_cammy_cannon_strike

I’m one of the lucky few who got the chance to actually play in the Street Fighter V Beta, and in the end I was able to get in around 10 online matches (with my main fighter being Cammy). Others were a lot less fortunate, since a) Capcom had to limit access to just the States to locate issues and b) many in the States kept receiving errors. The fanbase isn’t thrilled, and there have been many amusing conspiracy theories including Capcom giving streamers and friends the VIP treatment.

Yes, the beta launch was a failure, but I think it’s better that they fix this in the beta phase then launching the full game without testing. Capcom has apologized to its fans at the Capcom-Unity blog, and it said that the beta over the weekend won’t count as one of the three full beta phases. Fans who pre-ordered the game wanted a chance to play in the beta, and Capcom is saying that they will still get 3 full beta tests.

In addition to that, players who participate in the next first beta test will get an in-game incentive. No information has been released on what this is, but details will follow soon.

So when is the beta going to be available to the world? When Capcom feels confident that the next beta will be a good experience for players. Let’s hope it’s soon.

If you had the beta, what was your experience like?

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