Razer buys Ouya


Razer has stepped in to acquire the struggling Android-based console. It seems that it also acquired its software assets as well as its games and store and plans to integrate them as part of Razer’s Forge TV. There will also be an AMA with the CEO, but there’s no timetable on when.

As some of you know Razer is mostly a PC gaming peripheral company and anything PC related hardware, but recently it had branched off to do VoIP software with Razer Comms. Look like it’s trying to jump into the console wars with its own version.

OUYA was a successful Kickstarter campaign with high hopes, but after the end of the campaign there have been nothing but problems for the company. For example, developers saying that it is impossible to make money off this system and the games were lackluster.

So will this acquisition of OUYA bring life back to the console? Let us know what you think.

Ouya 1

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