Ranma 1/2 figuarts coming from Tamashii Nations


At WonFest (Wonder Festival) 2015, Tamashii Nations revealed a new lineup of Figuarts that will be coming, the Ranma 1/2 line featuring Ranma Saotome in both male and female form, Shampoo and Genma Saotome in his Panda form.


Growing up Ranma 1/2 was one of the first anime series I watched on VHS with friends in my high school anime club, and it was my first introduction to Rumiko Takahashi. Having Tamashii Nations adding this classic series to their figure line is a definitely a very pleasant surprise, since I also enjoy collecting their Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Power Rangers/Sentai and Mega Man Figuarts line.


Which other Ranma 1/2 characters would you like to see released?

Photos and Source: AmiAmi

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