Humans ‘Episode 5’ recap & review


By Josh Kaye

Last week, we finally began to get some answers to some of the big questions brought about in Humans. We learned a bit about Leo and why he may actually be the most important character in the show. We discovered some surprising new Synth’s in…some disturbing ways. We watched some people do some…disturbing…things to Synth’s. And yet, there’s still so much more to learn about these characters and what exactly is going on in the show. But what will we find out now this time? Let’s find out.

Laura and Joe decide to tell their family the truth about Anita, that she’s 14 years old and that Joe wants to take her back. In what turns out to be a shocking vote against him, Mattie, Toby, Sophie, and even Laura want to keep Anita, each for their own reasons of course. Mattie just wants to find out what Anita was before, figure out who Mia really is and get to the bottom of her meeting with Leo.

Speaking of Leo, he takes it upon himself to send Niska away to keep her safe, giving her the address to George Millican’s house. Niska arrives at George’s who, as always, is hesitant at first. But he brings her in and plays her as human to Vera. Vera, skeptical at first, eventually gives in.

Back at the Hawkin’s house, Joe and Laura discuss together what they should do with Anita. As they’re discussing Anita, Mattie goes rogue, contacting Leo about Anita and then bringing her out and taking her away, bringing Anita to Leo. Leo and Mattie work together to try and crack Anita but are unsuccessful in bringing out Mia.

Back at George’s house, a bizarre yet interesting bond begins to form between George and Niska. Niska is clearly unhappy about being sent to George but George is just so…fascinated with these machines and the fact that David Elster was able to create a true A.I., unlike anything seen before. George expresses his doubt and concern about where this sort of technology is going but is, no doubt, impressed.

D.I. Voss and D.S. Drummond are going about their investigation of Niska, trying to contain the story of a “killer Synth” in the press while also figuring out what happened at the Smash Club where Niska hurt plenty of humans. Hobb is officially, 100% on to Leo Elster and what he is and who he’s trying to find, which makes him a very dangerous man. With how close he is, there’s a very good chance he’ll be getting what he wants very soon in the show.

Leo decides to give up on Mia, sending Mattie and Anita back home. Mattie continues to try and investigate the matter, and she discovers something — the reason they may not be able to find Mia is since she’s buried in code, underneath the code involving the Adult Options. Mattie right away blames Toby, who takes the fall. But we all know the truth…

In the woods, a jogger comes across what at first glance appears to be a lifeless body. As he gets closer, we recognize a familiar face: Odi! He’s still alive, if barely. But he’s in bloody awful shape. The jogger calls up the police force and who other but Drummond takes the call and goes out to see for himself. It was in the first episode where Drummond told Millican he had to recycle the Synth but clearly…he didn’t. So Drummond decides to pay Millican a visit again while Millican and Niska continue their fun, philosophical discussions. Drummond searches the whole house, looking for Odi or anything else out of the ordinary but is unable to find anything.

Hobbs continues his investigation into Elster and the rest of the special Synth’s, where he begins to experiment on Fred doing…something. Maybe a remote wipe? Not quite sure right now. Back at the Hawkins, Toby and Joe have “the talk.” Why did Toby lie about sleeping with Anita? Well…he did it to protect his father. Which is sweet…in a…I don’t know…it’s sweet but it’s weird and it’s just…weird.

Drummond goes and attends a pro-people rally which…is kind of a weird sentence to say but in the realm of this show it makes sense. Synth’s are becoming everything that mankind is unable to be. And to a certain point…it’s scary. At what point is it obsolete to be human? At what point is existing not existing?

Again with the Hawkins, Joe confesses to Laura exactly what happened that night she went out to go and see a potential client. His evening with Anita. As one can imagine…that doesn’t go over well. Joe tries to defend himself saying he didn’t cheat because it’s not a human being. That just is not that great of a reason in the grand scheme of things. Joe flips it back at Laura bringing up the grand question: who the hell is Tom?!

But sadly, that’s for another time. Niska goes looking around through George’s house and discovers a picture with what looks to be a young looking Hobb. She questions George about this and George doesn’t seem to be very truthful about what’s going on. As for Hobbs, we see exactly what he did to Fred…he incinerated him.

Personally, I don’t believe Fred’s actually dead. Could this be since we see him in the previews? Well. Yeah. That’s mainly why. Pieces are beginning to add up now…Hobbs and Millican worked together with Elster, but both Hobbs and Millican had their falling out with Elster. Both appeared to be for different reasons. Leo appears to have given up on Mia, leaving Max behind to fend for himself. And, of course, the biggest question: TOM! Who are you?! That has to be something that comes up soon, right? Joe asked about it and Laura flipped out, seemed like the last straw for her and she kicked him out. So it’ll come up. I hope.

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