Arnold Schwarzenegger joins WWE 2K16 as the Terminator

IMG_20150727_062152A video was leaked earlier this morning the showing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator will be a pre-order exclusive character in WWE 2K16. Fans have been known to create character’s from movies and other superheroes using the game’s Create-A-Wrestler feature. This will be the first time that WWE has included a character outside the wrestling world. It should be interesting to see how 2K creates the Arnold’s move-set and entrance.

The video shows the a very familiar bar scene from T2, only now the bar is filled with wrestlers. Finn Balor appears in the video along with Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Eva Marie and Paige.

WWE 2K16 October 27th later this year. What do you guys think of the Terminator joining WWE 2K16?

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