Stardust and Arrow feud continues

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It was a sad day in the wrestling world when we lost the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Dusty had been a staple in the industry and left behind a legacy that would live on his work in and outside the ring, as well as his two sons.

Prior to The Dream’s passing, Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes had been building a feud that would reportedly lead to a match at SummerSlam. Following Dusty’s death, Stardust was removed from TV out of fearing that his character would get cheers from fans out of the remorse for his loss. Some even speculated that this would have been a good time for WWE to move on from the Stardust gimmick and make a Cody Rhodes return. That did not happen, as Rhodes made his return on RAW on July 13th as Stardust, and once again began taunting star Stephen Amell through social media.

Stardust’s return was immediately met with criticism from fans, which resulted in Cody Rhodes writing a lengthy post on his wife’s blog about why he decided to remain as the character”

A few days after we lost you, I was tasked with the unfortunate duty of going through your cellphone to find various numbers, so that we could invite them to the service. And there it was…
Your lock-screen.
It was a picture.
It was Stardust in a heated stare-down with The CW’S most valuable player Stephen “The Green Arrow” Amell.
“…finish what you start Kid…”
And thats why I sent you know who Monday. And I’m sure when he drew that first line of paint down his face, his throat rised and his eyes might of watered a bit. Leave it all out in the ring, my gift to you. And I know the man who secretly wanted to pit himself against Joe Frazier after Starrcade 84′ would get a real kick out of this.
So Dad, I hope you like what happens next, and…I hope the fans do too. Like Paul told you, they’re not marks…they’re customers. You said about them in 1978(after you took those rose-tinted shades off to let them know you were serious…I know you) “making you happy, makes my dreams fulfilled.

Rumor has it that Amell is slated to make another appearance on RAW very soon, so stay tuned!

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