Hulk Hogan removed from WWE 2k16

WWE 2k16 JR and Jerry the king lawler

If you’re a celebrity and smart, then you should know not to say stupid things, like ever, because someone is always watching. Hulk Hogan, the latest celebrity to say something stupid, has landed himself on the ban list of the latest WWE game, WWE 2k16, due to racist comments he made. Not only that, but his DLC in WWE 2k15 was also removed, leaving this once WWE fan feeling meh.


WWE fired Hogan and removed as much as they could of Hogan from their websites, which is standard procedure with any company that has a representative that brings negative light to them, and as Hogan was a wrestling icon, WWE had to separate from him. Hogan isn’t the first person to be removed from a game because of their actions. Chris Benoit got the same treatment after the terrible indecent that took place. Ray Rice and Aaron Hernandez were both removed from Madden games for crimes they committed as well. WWE has done racist things in the past and hasen’t wipe their employees off the face of the earth, I wonder why now?

It’s not clear if players will be receiving a refund for the money they spent on the DLC, but I’m hoping Take Two will oblige.

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