How to play Half-Life on your Android Wear

Are you in the mood to play the original Half-Life on your Android watch? Now, there’s a tool for that…well, a tool that requires a little bit of work to get Half-Life to somewhat play on your Android Wear.

Talented Software modder Dave Bennett posted on his blog on how he gets his LG first generation G Android Wear to play Half-Life.

Here is the video and tutorial below:

What You Will Need:

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging

For this guide, I am going to assume that you have experience with adb and already have it set up on your computer. On your Android Wear device, enable USB and Bluetooth debugging. You will need to go into the settings and tap the build number 7 times, just like you do on your phone.

Half Life on ANdroid Wear - debugging

Also, enable USB debugging on your Android phone and within the Android Wear app.

Once it’s all enabled, use the following command to connect adb to your watch so you can transfer files:

adb forward tcp:4444 localabstract:/adb-hub
adb connect localhost:4444

You might have to accept a debugging confirmation on your watch after you do this. Type adb devices to make sure that your watch is connected.

Step 2: Install SDLash3D

To install the app to Android wear, simply locate the location of the apk and type in the following:

adb -e install xashdroid-release.apk

It will install an app named half-life to your Android wear device.

Step 2: Xash & Valve Folder

On your Android wear device, create a folder called xash. Type in the following:

adb -e shell

cd sdcard

mkdir xash

Then on your PC, download and extract the extras.7z folder. Move the Valve folder and game controller text file (in the extras 7z zip) to the Valve folder located in your Half-life game on your computer. Have I confused you yet? Just to recap, in your Valve folder on your computer (probably located under steamapps/common/half-life) you have the Valve folder. Within that Valve folder, you also have the Valve folder you downloaded from the extras zip and the controller text file from that zip.

Half Life on Android Wear valve folder

Next, create a folder called Valve on your Android Wear device. Type in the following (I am assuming that you are still in shell from the previous command and currently in the location /sdcard):

mkdir xash/valve

Now, let’s transfer the contents from the Valve folder on your computer to the directory:

exit (to get out of shell)

adb -e push E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\valve (change with location of your valve folder) /sdcard/xash/valve

This will take about 2 hours to transfer. Once it’s done, you should be able to launch the Half-life app on your Android Wear device and the game will load.

Half Life on ANdroid Wear - debugging

Source: Dave Bennett

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