BattleBots crowns a new champion


For the past six weeks, ABC has been airing a revamped version a BattleBots, the robot combat competition show that originated in the early 2000s on Comedy Central. And last night a new champion was presented with the BattleBots trophy, known as the Giant Nut.

24 competitors started out, each with a different idea of how to win and, therefore, different designs of competitive robotics. Throughout the six weeks, the bracket has gotten smaller and smaller as robots were defeated, eliminating them from the competition. It came down to just two remaining bots: Tombstone (seeded #1) and Bite Force (seeded #3). The fight went the full three minutes and ultimately came down to a judges’ decision. Judges Fon Davis, Jessica Chobot, and Leland Melvin decided in a split decision to award the Giant Nut to #3 seeded Bite Force.


Congratulations to Bite Force and its team on their win. We look forward to another exciting season of BattleBots next year!

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