Fallout Shelter for Android official release date announced


Good news, Vault Dwellers! The popular and widely successful mobile game by Bethesda, Fallout Shelter, is finally coming to Android on August 13th.

The completely free game takes place in a Vault-tec vault that players build and add to throughout the game while managing the dwellers inside. Players must manage resources and venture out to the wastelands for more. The game was originally announced for iOS devices following the Bethesda E3 Showcase and quickly shot to the top of the charts.

With the launch on Android, the game will come with some new features that include Deathclaw and Mole Rat invasions, and a premium reward in the form of Mr. Handy, the ever-helpful robot. These features will also be added to the iOS version through an update on the same day.

Will you be playing the game when it hits Android? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

Source: PC Gamer

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