Geeks Who Drink episode 2 with Alan Tudyk and iJustine airs tonight


Tonight at 11pm, Syfy is featuring the second episode of their hit geeky game show Geeks Who Drink, an original game show hosted and executive produced by Levi and based on the pub trivia contest of the same name which has become a nationwide phenomenon. With 2 teams of 3, including a celebrity team captain, Geeks Who Drink puts the 2 teams against each other in both trivia and a physical challenge. The trivia is what you would expect out of a bar trivia night, except obviously a bit more geeky. The physical challengers, on the other hand, are more reminiscent of the ’90s Nickelodeon game shows, making the show that much better.

Tonight’s episode features celebrity team captains Alan Tudyk and iJustine. The different teams must determine which fictional comic book and video game characters are texting each other and name characters from a specific wizardly movie. You better believe that you are in for a darn good time with Geeks Who Drink, so grab yourself a drink of your choice, sit back, and enjoy the trivia show, only on Syfy.

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