All Work, All Play – An honest look into the growth of e-sports


What’s the reality behind pursuing a career in professional gaming?

Renowned director Patrick Creadon gives us a wonderful documentary chronicling the League of Legends team C9 during the Intel Extreme Masters Championship 9 and the struggle of ESL’s organizers in bringing these “athletes” the stage they deserve to showcase their incredible skills.

All work

Following a “work in progress” screening during the Tribeca Film Festival in April, the film makes its debut Tuesday (July 21) in select North American theaters and July 28 in Europe.

All Work All Play: The Pursuit of eSports Glory.

The film addresses issues around the organization of something so new yet strikingly similar to professional athletics. One segment of the film featured a news reporter so absolutely baffled by the idea of people watching others play video games that the irony of this disbelief almost spewed from the screen. We also got to witness how much work the organizers at ESL have had to put in just to hold these competitions all over the world.

I would absolutely recommend this film for both parents and those interested in professional gaming. While the title may suggest that it’s all fun and games, the truth of 15 hour work days, constant travel, stress, and everything else it takes to become the best at what you love may very well change the stigma behind gaming as a profession.

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