Riftworld Chronicles brings magic to CONtv


If you have ever been to a Wizard World Comic Con, then you are most likely familiar with their web series station CONtv. Accessible through the web and mobile apps, CONtv brings panel coverage and con recaps from each of their cons across the country. They also have original shows like My Morphing Life with Jason David Frank (Tommy the Green Ranger, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers). Their newest featured show, Rifworld Chronicles, is another winner and brings a bit of magic to the channel.

Riftworld Chronicles follows the journey of a wizard named Alar (Tahmoh Penikett) as he is transported from his home, the mythic land of Riftworld, to our world without his powers. Stuck here with his land in trouble, he must find a way home while teaming up with a skeptical, struggling journalist, Kim (Erin Karpluk). Together they must find a way for him to get home, and how their lives are connected.

While most of the time it is expected for new shows to take an episode or two before they find their stride, Riftworld Chronicles finds its right away. Karpluk and Penikett have excellent chemistry on screen and give great performances. The first episode has hilarious interactions as Alar, or Al, tries to figure out where he is, the mystical powers of Instagram, and how our horseless carriages work. As the episodes progress, the mystery of Riftworld and how Kim is connected grows until the final episode of the season leaves us on a cliffhanger with her realizing a secret from her mother.

Currently Riftworld Chronicles has only one season and is working on getting funding for a second. The first season contains 8 episodes with each episode being approximately 5-6 minutes long. Perfect for your hour-long lunch break.

All 8 episodes of Season 1 are on CONtv’s website and their mobile apps. Hopefully Season 2 will be made a reality soon as well.

Have you already seen the series? What do you think of it? Keep the conversation going in the comments below, but please no spoilers for those who haven’t seen it.

Source: CONtv

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