Disney Holiday Toy Showcase 2015 sneak preview


Disney Consumer Products have revealed their new merchandise that will be released this summer, fall, winter and holiday season. So what can we expect this holiday?


Disney Babies

There will be merchandise that can only be exclusively bought from the Disney Store. This year’s character featured for their baby brand is Winnie the Pooh. There will be other characters included, but new Pooh products have been introduced. There are new toys, pillows, apparel, and storybooks for your child.

New to the Tsum Tsum CRAZE!

With the popularity of Disney’s Tsum Tsums, Disney will be introducing a completely different Tsum Tsum – a GIANT TSUM TSUM for your (or your child’s) bedroom. These giant Tsum Tsums are twice or more the size of a large Tsum Tsum. Yes, a toddler can sit on them. They will be releasing them out this holiday and will only have the Classic characters for right now.


If that isn’t enough, there will be a new style of Tsum Tsums for display. These Tsum Tsums are plastic, come in a variety of sizes, and are great for showing up in the display case. They will come with a variety of characters. There will also be Tsum Tsum lip balm that will be stackable.





The Frozen craze is showing no signs of dying down, and it has even more Elsa and Anna toys for this coming holiday!

One of the Frozen toys includes a Magical Ice Palace for Queen Elsa (doll not included) to play with. The staircase switches to become an “icy” staircase like in the movie. You can spin Elsa around by turning a blue dial that causes the bottom platform to light up, with the castle growing and singing “Let It Go”. This will be coming in the fall of this year.


Another Frozen must-have for children will be a Frozen musical jewelry box. With the turn of the dial, we hear the song “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” as Elsa and Anna are building Olaf. This jewelry box will be available in the fall of this year for $24.99.

Disney Junior is taking over!


Disney Junior’s popular show Miles from Tomorrowland is having a ton of toys coming out this season. Our favorite toy from the show? Miles from Tomorrowland’s Stellosphere. As seen on the television show, Disney transforms the Callisto family’s home into a playset! It includes a Mini StarJetter, a Zip Ship, and the Cross Vehicle Rocket System (XVR), which when attached together makes sounds and lights. The playset comes with Miles, but if you want to have the others join in, you can purchase them separately. This playset retails at $49.99 and will be available this month.


Another toy that was really fun to play with was the Miles from Tomorrowland Miles Blastboard RC. Using the write band control (like Miles), you can control him on the Blastboard. He’s so fast and easy to maneuver. Retailing at $29.99, this toy is sure to be popular this holiday. It is available this month.

There is a new villain in town… and they are the Descendants


With the movie release of Disney’s Descendants coming out at the end of this month, Disney has released a line of toys to honor the villainous children! There are new dolls of the two main female characters – Mal and Evie. These dolls feature our characters in their outfits just like the movie! These retail at $19.99 each and will be available in August. Disney is also promoting the prequel book to the movie: The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz, which is available now.

If you love the fancier version of Mal and Evie, Disney had made dolls from their coronation scene from the film in their beautiful gowns for $24.99, set to release next month. Check it out in our gallery below.

Keep up with the Classics


Even though Disney has branched to numerous brands – Marvel, Star Wars, XD, etc, it always remember its roots, including its toys. It has created a new brand called Animator’s Collections, which feature the new and classic princesses – from Cinderella to Snow White to Ariel to Elsa. These were created under the guidance of The Walt Disney Animation Studio’s most renowned animators. This collectible collection will be available online on October 26th and then be released on November 19th in stores. It will be available only through the Disney Store and retails at $119.95.


Another toy that features a classic character – Minnie Mouse – teaching kids about colors. This will be coming out during the holidays, but they have not revealed much about it.

Marvel’s Playmation is this holiday’s hot ticket item


One of most anticipated gift for this holiday for any Marvel fan will be the Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Starter Pack! This groundbreaking system makes use of wearable technology. Kids and adults are able to use their imagination to pretend to be Iron Man. Using Bluetooth technology, the Repulsor gear (Iron Man’s glove) connects to the Power Activators to create a story and plan of attack.

Retailing at $119.99, the StarterPpack includes one ‘Repulsor Gear’, two ‘Smart Figurines’ – superhero (Captain America) and villain (Iron/Red Skull), and two Power Activators. It will be available on October 4th. I am absolutely positive, this will sell out.



Costumes are no longer just for Halloween. Disney is now releasing new costumes from Frozen, Cinderella, Star Wars, Miles from Tomorrowland, Baymax, Disney’s Descendants, and Black Widow. Kids are now dressing up to go to Disneyland/Disney World and even to go watch a movie.

Since Halloween is coming up, these outfits will be available prior to the trick or treat event! Disney’s Descendants and Miles from Tomorrowland costumes will be available in September. Everything else is available now.

For more Disney products, check out our gallery below:

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