Humans ‘Episode 4’ recap & review


By Josh Kaye

After last week’s episode of Humans, there’s a lot going on and still not many answers. What’s the deal with Laura and this “Tom” person? We saw Joe overheard Anita and Laura’s discussion so something has to come of that at some point. There’s Leo and Max who discover the location of Anita due to Mattie trying to figure out why Anita is so weird. There’s Anita who seemed to regain her natural form of consciousness when Mattie hacked into her systems. There’s gotta be something answered at some point, right?

To speed things up since things start off slow, D.S. Drummond, suspended from duty and at home, is told by his wife that she wants to spend some time apart as he no longer makes her happy. Blaming the Synth, he’s about to punch it but instead chooses to punch his wall and leaves. That’s about the most interesting part of the beginning.

Moving on, Hobbs seems to be on the tale of the other special Synth’s, with Fred in his possession and him being able to identify Niska and Anita. He takes Silas (the Synth modder from a previous episode) and questions him about these Synth’s. He identifies Anita’s picture and tells Hobb’s the same story he told Leo, while also telling Hobb’s about Max and Leo.

The Hawkins family are all out, doing their own thing for the night: Sophie is at a sleepover; Toby and Mattie are off to a party; Laura is off to what she claims is a last minute “work event.” This leaves just Joe and Anita alone…and anything can happen there. At the party, Toby is blowing it really hard with a girl he’s clearly interested in, saying there’s “someone else”. No there isn’t, it’s Anita. Which is disturbing.

Back home, Joe is paranoid about Laura’s action and is using Anita’s systems to basically locate Laura’s whereabouts. Concerned about this “Tom”, Joe tries to see if maybe Laura is looking to spend time with “Tom”. Anita, attempting to calm Joe down, let’s Joe know that Laura arranged a visit with a client to discuss a lawsuit.

While Laura is listening to a client make a compelling case as to why a Synth is more than just an inanimate object, Joe is in the process of initiating Anita’s Adult Mode…kissing her, and leading to more intimate sort of relations. This is a sort of…different type of cheating with the Nanny situation than what audiences may be used to seeing in films and other shows. Let’s hope Toby doesn’t find out! At home now, Mattie checks her laptop and sees she has a message regarding Anita’s coding and agrees to meet with Leo and Max at a diner. Mattie, threatened by Leo, lies her way out of the diner and is able to get out of the diner.

Laura and Joe are bringing Anita to get her diagnostics checked where they’re both told something surprising: Anita isn’t brand new, she’s about 14 years old. Leo and Max, noticing something odd with some coding on their laptop, attempts to look for someone who worked on the Synth’s and they find one name: Dr. George Millican.

D.S. Drummond meets with the reporter he shoved at the brothel, the reason in which he’s currently suspended and lets the reporter know that the murder by a Synth could be a huge case. Best part for the reporter? Drummond is willing to give him all the intel about the investigation. The reporter drops the charges against Drummond and Drummond’s now reinstated with his old position. While him and his wife are separated, he’s staying on his co-worker, D.I. Voss’ couch.

Leo and Max make it to George’s house, and George plans on ignoring them completely. But Leo mentions one name: David Elster. It takes a matter of minutes for Millican to decipher just what’s going on with the odd coding, letting him know all he has to do is plug in Max and the code should take shape. George, confused as to how Leo could know things he shouldn’t, forces Leo to confess as to who he is — Leo Elster, son of David. Dead…son of David Elster.

Niska is invited to what appears to be a Human vs. Synth fight club. She sees the humans beating on Synth’s with sledgehammers, baseball bats, wrenches, and she decides to step into the ring. Unknown to the humans though is the simple fact she’s a Synth, going on her continued revenge spree against the human race as she beats on the individuals in the pit without mercy. Unfortunately for Niska, Hobb is hot on her trail now that she’s brought attention to herself.

Leo tests the coding on himself, which makes me continue to believe Leo is himself a conscious Synth just like the others he’s trying to find. In that coding, Leo says that he saw something: life. He believes it’s this coding that gave him, Max, Fred, Niska, and Mia/Anita consciousness. At the Hawkins house, Joe is now on board with Laura wanting to get rid of Anita. Only Laura wants to keep Anita now to see just what’s wrong with her. Laura believes that Anita is something more than a machine.

Here’s a twist: D.I. Voss? She’s not exactly human herself, as we see her take a bag out of her mouth with the day’s consumption. Humans is slowly beginning to give us some answers and continuing to genuinely surprise us. While it was hinted at that Leo wasn’t quite human, can’t say I was expecting to hear that he was the son of the creator of the Synth’s. This episode also began to tackle heavily the Synth-Human relationship, with Laura’s client giving her compelling argument as to why her Synth should have just as much right as a human while also focusing on the intimate moment between Joe and Anita. Humans is becoming more than just a simple sci-fi show involving humanoid robots, but it’s beginning to really get to the depth of humans and the morality of this technology that they’ve been given. At this point in time, Humans may be the most interesting and most compelling show on Sunday nights.

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