iClever IC-BTH01 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones (review)


Probably one of the most annoying things you can encounter at the gym is the “accidental-snag-your-headphone-wire-while-you’re-running-on-the-treadmill.” Not only are you cursing at yourself under your breath and causing a scene, but you break out of your zone and lose the immersion into your workout. Luckily, technology has provided us with a solution in the form of wireless Bluetooth headphones!

Gone are the days of embarrassing yourself in front of that cute guy/girl at the gym while you fumble to pick up your iPod that has inadvertently flung across the room as you try to untangle your mess of wires.

We got our hands on the Hisgadget inc. iClever IC-BTH01 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones to see if they could fix our workout conundrums!


The design for these earphone is pretty straightforward, with two ear buds and a volume and functionality control located on the right side of the strap. There’s also a handy little slider so you can adjust the length of the wire hang. (You put the earphones around the back of your neck so the volume controls are just below your right ear.)

The earphones come with different sizes of ear buds, and they include an in-ear stabilizer as well. Once you find your right size they are coooomfortable and will fit snugly in your ear without hurting. I took a few 30-minute+ bike rides with them in and experienced no pain after taking them out.

The charging port is also conveniently located just on the outside of the right ear bud after you slide back a panel behind to reveal the mini USB port. The power, charging, and Bluetooth pairing light is also located just under the right ear bud.

The overall design is very sleek and simplistic while remaining highly functional, yet the control system can be slightly awkward to handle when in the middle of exercise (which is the primary use for these headphones)

4/5 Atoms




The instructions to connect the earphones to your phone are pretty straightforward, much like any Bluetooth device. I tested the earphones at varying lengths, and I must say that my initial findings were slightly disappointing. I noticed Bluetooth clipping issues while warming up for a soccer game, even if I was only a few meters from my bag and phone. I even experienced similar issues while my phone was right beside me on my bed. This happened on more than one occasion and was probably my number one problem with this device.

The call functions for the earphones are pretty good; I was able to have a phone conversation with someone hands-free in my car while driving at highway speeds, and not only did I hear them perfectly fine over the rumble of the engine, but my voice was clear on their end as well, albeit with a few Bluetooth clipping issues.

As I mentioned above, the design of the control scheme is slightly awkward when playing sports, as you have to reach upwards and awkwardly by your ear to change the song, raise and lower volume and accept calls.

The list of possible functions for the three buttons is quite impressive, but I would suggest carrying the instruction booklet on you for a while until you familiarize yourself.

The battery life is pretty standard, and you’ll be able to squeeze out a few gym session on the headset’s ~2 hour charge time.

I did love the fact the earphones had an external volume control, which is something not yet standardized on all Bluetooth audio speakers and headsets (it should be!) but the connection issues did not provide me with a good first impression

3/5 Atoms

NR 3 Atoms - C

Sound Quality

For a mid-range priced set of earphones, my expectations on sound quality were blown out of the water. The biggest most pleasant surprise was definitely the noise-cancelling qualities. While passing the soccer ball I could barely hear my teammates (don’t get hit in the head!) and while biking the sound of traffic was pleasantly drowned out (again, don’t get hit in the head!). You would normally only expect this kind of noise cancelling

The bass is surprisingly not distorted, and you can definitely pick up on the subtleties of a track. No matter what music you are listening to, from drum n bass to alternative rock, you are getting bang for your buck.

4/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

Final Reaction

Simply put, the iClever IC-BTH01 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones are a pretty decent headset. You will be getting some above price point sound quality, functionality, and noise cancellation in a sleek, albeit slightly awkward, package. The only thing preventing me from scoring these ear phones higher was the Bluetooth connectivity problems which I hope it’s something Hisgadget inc should look to invest in.


  • Onboard volume control
  • Multi functionality
  • Superior noise cancelling
  • Above average sound quality


  • Poor Bluetooth connectivity at times
  • Slightly awkward design

Final Rating: 4/5 Atoms


For full specs and to purchase these earphones, check out the Hisgadget inc. Amazon page!

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