New Lego sets from The Force Awakens reveal new characters


This years’ Star Wars panel at Comic-Con didn’t offer up a lot of news for fans regarding the upcoming film. There was a pretty cool behind-the-scenes featurette that confirmed Simin Pegg’s involvement, but other than that nothing too substantial. (J.J. Abrams always likes to play things pretty close to his chest.) Although, it does seem like we’re getting a bit more info from an unlikely source.

Lego is of course releasing sets based on the new film (nothing new here), but according to some images released for the upcoming sets, we can catch a glimpse of some new characters that haven’t been announced.

[Image removed by the request of Lego]
Now both images above just seem like normal sets based on the The Force Awakens. Here are some initial things to note: Kylo Ren now replaces Darth Vader in the upper right-hand corner, the Millennium Falcon looks phenomenal with the new rectangular radar dish (as the old one was knocked off in Return of the Jedi), and we see Poe Dameron’s orange-and-black X-Wing. Upon closer inspection (as shown below), you’ll see that each set comes with characters. A few of which, is the first time we’re seeing or hearing about them.

[Image removed by the request of Lego]

[Image removed by the request of Lego]

The first to note are those included with the Millennium Falcon. We see the normal crew of Han, Chewey, Finn, Rey and BB-8. Also included is a character named Tasu Leech and a “Kanjiklub Gang Member.” I’m assuming Leech is part of the gang, if not the leader. Judging by the look of the characters, it seems they may be of Asian descent. Now that raises the question if those are the characters that some of The Raid cast will be playing.

Now the X-Wing set doesn’t really have any special characters aside from Poe and BB-8, but it does state something interesting. We already know from the trailers that the Empire has now become the First Order. What we didn’t know is that the Rebels are now going to be known as the Resistance.

I’m sure the film will fill in the gaps as to how and why the change occurred. I seriously can’t wait to not only see the film, but what other sets Lego has up their sleeves.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit theaters on December 18th.

What other Lego sets would you like to see get released? Let us know in the comments below.

Source and images: From Bricks to Bothans

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