Capcom releasing full-size Mega Man helmet this winter


Mega Man fans are in for a treat as Capcom has announced they will be releasing a full-sized Mega Man replica helmet this winter. It will retail for $150 via the Capcom store.

The helmet is made of ABS plastic and easily fits on your head with an adjustable clamshell hinge, which includes soft padding on the inside so it can be worn for long periods of time. To give it the iconic look of the blue bomber, the helmet has a polish finish and authentic proportions along with working LED lights on each side over your ears.

Early versions of the helmet were displayed at E3 and Anime Expo, while a working version appeared at San Diego Comic-Con. Currently only the blue helmet is currently available for pre-order, with no information if the rest of the colors will be released in the future.

If you picked up the ThinkGeek Mega Man Mega Buster Gun Replica, your cosplay or collection just got that much cooler.

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