SDCC 2015: Star Wars Battlefront public gameplay at Nerd HQ


Star Wars: Battlefront is hands down one of the most anticipated games of 2015. For the first time, it was available as a demo open to the public at The Nerd Machine’s Nerd HQ in San Diego, across the street from San Diego Comic-Con. Nerd HQ is a free-to-enter, sponsored event by The Nerd Machine that requiring only a free wristband to get in. Here you can try different products, take photos on Star Wars speeders, try out some virtual reality, or go to an intimate panel with only 200 people for a small price which all goes to a great cause, Operation Smile. Nerd HQ’s entire business model is to give all proceeds back, including having moved to the San Diego Children’s museum which is a non-profit organization as well.

This year’s panel featured a 20-on-20 gameplay with Zachary Levi, iJustine, and members from IGN as they fought to survive in the exciting FPS. I was lucky enough to play with a fellow Nerd Reactorite and found ourselves playing the survival mode, which is similar to the horde mode on Gears of War. You share lives, and get to select the classes that each provide different weapons, abilities, and special perks. The first few levels were relatively easy, as the first stormtroopers were definitely stereotypical, and unable to hit anything. But as we moved on, we found that there were higher classed stormtroopers who just refused to die, and were killing us. Then came the Imperial Walkers that took little to no damage from my noob tube, but luckily I received a specialty RPG weapon that seemed to do the trick, as we tried to secure a pod (capture the flag) with tons of stormtroopers coming at us from all sides. Yes there were some issues with the graphics, as the game is not complete, and a rep told us they had more money going into the game for touch ups, which is why there was no photos or video allowed, except via their live stream which you can see below.

Star Wars Battlefront

Overall this game convinced me that I need to pre-order it ASAP, and both my friend and I enjoyed it. As a fan of the originals which I still play regularly, I can tell you that this lives up to the expectations, and I can’t wait to be able to get into a vehicle on the game and help the Rebel Alliance achieve piece in the galaxy.

You can watch the recorded gameplay between The Nerd Machine’s Zachary Levi and some lucky fans while at 2015’s Nerd HQ.


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