SDCC 2015: Place your bets on ‘The Player’ this fall


NBC is bringing us a new action-packed thriller set in the one and only city of sin, Las Vegas. The Player centers around a high-staked gambling ring where the wealthy and powerful have been betting on one man’s ability to stop various crimes from being committed. The audience will be learning how this conspiracy operates as the main character Alex does. The second year will open to the secret power game around the world and the third season will be even bigger. Creator John Rogers (Leverage, The Librarians) already knows what he wants for the ending, and that is to tell the complete story. He is already planning at least a 3-season arc while not leaving a cliffhanger between seasons.

“Every season is a novel. That was that year. New season, new goals, new stakes, new arrangement… the second year opens to the secret world of the power game around the world and the third season opens it up even bigger,” said Rogers.

Every single person will play a role in the organization of these high-stake bets. What is shown on the surface will often be a bluff, so the characters can mask their true motivations and intentions and personal agendas. The show will still have the high-paced action scenes but will also revolve around the dynamic of the three characters working together only to further their own ambitions.

“Everyone has their personal agenda. I mean this is Vegas. All of them will be plotting with each other and against each other. They will be enemies and then they’ll be my enemy’s enemy, which is my friend,” said Snipes.

Wesley Snipes (Blade, Demolition Man) is Mr. Johnson, a hardened pit boss who at first looks to control all the strings, but the cast and creators revealed that there are definitely more moving parts behind the curtain during interviews at SDCC. Mr. Johnson’s co-star is Charity Wakefield (The Raven, Mockingbird Lane) who plays Cassandra King, a dealer for this high-stakes game. Finally there is main character Phillip Winchester (Strike Back, Fringe) who plays Alex Kane, a former military operative turned security expert who has been roped into this dangerous game as the newest player after the assassination of his wife.

“He (Alex) knows that he’s being played, but he doesn’t care because his motive is to clear his conscience,” said Winchester.

There will be lots of conflict and Winchester’s character, Alex, will apparently also be seen as more of a vigilante (in the pilot episode he has an encounter with law enforcement from his past). Also after Alex loses his wife, he is out for revenge and sounds like he has the mindset of the ends justifying the means, but he will keep the audience interested in him by instilling an attitude that evokes a John McClane-sense of “begrudgingly being the hero.”

“I don’t care if you throw me in jail. I’m safer to everybody if I’m in jail, so if you let me out I will continue to cause havoc,” said Winchester.

The pilot for The Player will air September 24th and then on Thursdays on NBC at 10/9C.

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