American Horror Story is bringing a real ‘Monster’ to the show

american horror story monster

FX has released the first teaser for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel, and it’s featuring someone we’ve all thought, for a long time, belonged on the show!

In our first glimpse of what is to come, we see an interestingly decorated and manicured hand coming into the scene ringing a bell, then cutting to a black screen, we see the name of the controversial “Monster” of pop culture, herself: Lady Gaga!

During their panel at Comic-Con on Sunday, the show’s creator Ryan Murphy let fans know that things in the upcoming AHS universe are connected, and “this season you’ll see more and more of that. Characters from other seasons will check into the hotel.”

The panel also revealed the names of several of the cast’s characters: Angela Bassett will play Carbona, Matt Bomer will play Donovan, Evan Peters will be Mr. March, Sara Paulson is Hypodermic Sally and Kathy Bateswill play Iris.
Unknown to the fans is what role Lady Gaga will have, but by the looks of the hand we see in the teaser, and the unpredictability of how each season goes, we can only guess what AHS has in store for Ms. Gaga.

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