SDCC 2015: BBC America presents the 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver remote control


BBC America announced their new 12th Doctor sonic screwdriver remote control earlier this month that was to be showcased at Comic-Con this weekend. We got to have a sneak peek of the sonic screwdriver and even test it out.

Chris Barnardo, director of The Wand Company, told me a little bit more about the new remote control. “It’s largely based on our 11th Doctor’s version, which was made in metal. This is as well, except this one opens – this one flicks open. It’s also a remote control, like the previous one- you can use it to control your television, DVD, set up box, that kind of thing. Anything with infrared remote control. It’s very simple to learn the remote control codes from your remote control onto it.”


If you happen to have the Eleventh Doctor’s remote control and wondering what the difference is, Barnardo explained, “Well, the new features, other than the flipping open, is an amazing. Another feature that people were asking for is the button on the grip. We know that the actual prop has a button on the grip, but it’s hidden, you’re obviously are not meant to use it because obviously, the real one is psychically controlled [on the show]. But we moved the button from the end to the grip in keeping with the 12th Doctor’s sonic. Also, all other changes have been made. On the back of the sonic screwdriver – on the end of it – it has a copper end. The 11th one had a button in the end which was used sometimes by Matt Smith with his thumb on it. It’s very hard to use actually. When the new one for the 12th Doctor were made, they changed the end and made it slightly thinner. We copied that. The handle part on the 11th one is white and shiny like a glazed ceramic, but in fact, on the more recent one, it’s yellow material with a slight fleck and a slight pattern in it. Also, in the end, for real fans, we’ve taken away the clear window that was in the end and we made the tip from the material that although looks dark and green, it’s actually transparent infrared. So the infrared still comes through.”


He adds, “You probably also notice in the this one, the tip is squashed. The original one had a rounded tip in the end, but now the tips are much more squashed. Also, when you flip open the top, you can now see the inside and see the modeled core is green, which again replicates the cast pieces that are in the hero prop.”

The new remote also has a entirely new base on the bottom holding it. Instead of laying it out, it can be easily placed onto the new stand and quickly grabbed for use.


So, what makes this BBC America Comic-Con exclusive remote control special? These were all carefully inspected by hand. It also has a certificate of authenticity from the makers themselves and numbered laser printed on each one sold at Comic-Con. There are only a limited number of them available to purchase for $120.

Will you be able to buy it later? Yes. BBC America and The Wand Company will be releasing this sonic screwdriver later this year, but it will not contain the certificate and special ID number. Those will only be available at Comic-Con.

So, if you are at Comic-Con, stop by the BBC America booth (#4129) and purchase one before they are all gone!

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