Shadows of Evil trailer revealed for Call of Duty Zombies


If you weren’t excited about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 just yet, the brand new reveal trailer of the zombie mode, “Shadows of Evil,” will have you so excited you might just pee your pants a little, or maybe i’m alone on that.

The new setting looks like it puts you in a old 1920’s setting with four strangers that seem to have dark pasts. I’m sure like the past zombie modes and the other Call of Duties, that each character will have a distinct background story, and it’s going to be fun learning each and every one of theirs. New monsters and perks seem to populate the new mode as well. These perks come in the form of gumballs. Strange way to present perks, but it seems to fit the entire vibe and theme.

I think the part I got most excited about, was seeing Ron Perlman make an appearance in this new Zombies mode. I love when they incorporate live, known actors. It gives the mode more personality, and their choices really shine with the roles given to them. Personally, I can’t wait till this game comes out. I think it’s going to be bigger and better than any of the previous ones.

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