Lego Jurassic World Review: There’s a New Alpha

The dinos are back boys and girls! The raptors, triceratops, and T-Rex’s are just the tip of the primordial Lego iceberg thanks to the power of our loveable building blocks; it brings the Jurassic franchise back, and in a big big way. You will finally have the chance to step into the shoes of both the original dino expert, Allen Grant, and professional raptor whisperer, Owen Grady. On top of that, you will also be able to control 20 different dinosaurs including the newest deadliest predator, Indominus rex. Lego Jurassic World takes place across the 3 original films, as well as the current blockbuster hit that’s in theaters currently. The campaign is broken into 4 segments, with each one following their own specific movie storyline. Now with the game falling into Lego territory, you can expect to see all your favorite moments transformed. There are also some scenes embellished, including one with raptors wearing hats and playing with toy cars. 

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Now down to the bare bones of the game. Each of the 4 campaigns are divided into 5 chapters apiece, and in typical Lego format, will lock you to characters from that portion of the movie. Between each of the stages, you are free to wander around the world and even swap campaigns if you choose to do so. While exploring the world, you will have plenty of events and challenges to complete that will keep you busy. Realistically though, most of these will be unobtainable until you have finished a majority of the campaigns, to unlock characters with the different skills that are required. While the overworld is not nearly as big as previous Lego games such as Lego Marvel, it manages a respectable balance between being accurate to the movies and increasing the size just to fit more stuff in the game. My only issue with the story, is that each of the missions felt relatively short in comparison to previous Lego games. Some missions consisted of a short chase for the entirety of the mission, which made sense in context of the missions but also did not positively contribute to helping the total length on the 4 stories. To help expedite you on your way to 100% after completing the story, they have added a new feature while selecting your character during free play. It lists every characters’ abilities, so that you don’t have to memorize what every single character and their multiple costumes do.

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Features in Lego Jurassic World were also on the weaker side. Besides the custom character and dinosaur creator, there really wasn’t much else to mess around with other than having the power to mix dinosaur parts and create your ideal dinosaur. There are also extra levels that open up after completing the campaign, but these all consist of scripted Chase levels where you are either the chaser or being chased, and they all only last about 1-2 minutes apiece. By far my favorite feature of the game has to be the addition of Lego dinosaurs. There is just an unspeakable joy when you get to control a T-Rex and go on a rampage, or play as a velociraptor and build things in the environment so you can progress. While it may seem a bit silly since you can build stuff normally with other characters, I still always felt a smile grow whenever observing the animations that Travelers Tales imagined a dinosaur would do to build various objects. One thing that confused me though, is that while playing as dinosaurs, you could enter some areas and then there were other areas that you would have to swap characters to enter the room, and then swap back again. However, a major win in my book was the increased similarity to the films, since they managed to tap as much of the voice talent from the movies as possible which included the wonderful Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and even Jimmy Fallon voicing his own cameo portion from the movie.


Overall, Lego Jurassic World accomplishes what all Lego games do, and that’s allow you to relive your favorite moments from that licensed property. While as big of a property as the Jurassic Park franchise is, they just don’t have as many action sequences that lend themselves as well to games like other franchises such as Batman, Star Wars, and Marvel do. Even though it lacks in action scenes, it does make up for the quantity issue with the quality of the puzzles, action sequences, and story moments that have been embellished. These definitely caused constant and spontaneous laughter and smiles from everyone playing or watching. While I felt the story was short lived and completing a majority of the extra events were fast and easy, I still found myself going back to play more as a velociraptor, so I can play with Legos and collect more bricks, and go for that 100% true collector rating.



Score 3.5 out 5

NR 3_5 Atoms - B-


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