You can now own your own Star Trek communicator


Attention all Starfleet personal: your own communicator is now available. You can pair it to your vintage, 21st century communication devices, once referred to as “smartphones” to receive voice communications.

You read that right. The Star Trek communiticator from The Original Series (TOS) is now a reality. The communicator syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and can be used as the dedicated speaker allowing you to receive communications about what to pick up from the store or if there is any intelligent life on Kepler-186f. It is unclear whether you can make calls with the communicator, but you can definitely answer calls with it.

This functional prop is brought to you by The Wand Company, a toy manufacturer that designs sci-fi nerd replicas with actual functionality. In addition to the Star Trek TOS communicator, they also make a Sonic Screwdriver that is a universal remote. The Star Trek shop says that the communicator was made using structured-light 3D scans and is the most accurate communicator you can get. It even comes with all of the original beeps and boops that the one in the show had.

TOS Communicator open

The communicator is now available for pre-order for $150 on the official Star Trek web store and units will ship in January 2016.

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Sources: Gizmodo

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