Elodie Yung to play Elektra in Netflix’s Daredevil season two

elodie yung elektra

Marvel has announced that Elodie Yung will be playing Elektra for the second season of Daredevil. This isn’t the first time she’ll be playing a martial artist who likes to wield blades, since she played Jinx in G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Marvel and Netflix have done a great job with the casting for season one, so let’s hope they can keep up the solid casting in season 2.

If you’ve seen the first season of Daredevil, then you may have noticed Matt Murdock talking about a particular Greek girl he met to Foggie. Well, that Greek girl is Elektra, a ninja who was a love interest for Daredevil in the comics. In both the comics and film, she was killed by Bullseye, and this devastated the red-costumed hero. Let’s hope we get to see Bullseye in the second season as well.

Check out Yung as Jinx below. Yes, somewhat similar to Elektra, no?

gi-joe-retaliation-elodie yung

Daredevil‘s second season is currently in production, and it will premiere in 2016.

Source: Marvel

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