Doctor Who Legacy launches version 3.0 this August

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Whovians rejoice!

The award-winning Doctor Who Legacy mobile game is getting a update this August, followed after by weekly live content updates alongside the upcoming 9th season of Doctor Who.

The new update will bring the ‘Sonic Adventures’ story arc, led by the First Doctor and includes our favorite companions Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, River Song, and the Third Doctor’s companion Jo Grant. Also, expect to see many sonic devices and gadgets from the many years of Who. Another feature that will be added will be Doctor Who: Legacy Kids, a special dedicated area for the youngest Doctor Who fans, inspired by the popular ‘Anna’s Playground’ levels. screen 2

Doctor Who: Legacy has been up-to-date with the show’s premiere with the release of new allies, enemies, and levels based on the television series. If you see it on TV, you probably will see it in the game.
Be on the lookout this August for the new version!
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