It looks like Donnie Yen will be a Jedi in Star Wars VIII!



Asian action movie star Donnie Yen has been reportedly cast as one of the Jedi in the next Star Wars installment. According to Apple Daily in Hong Kong, Yen had beat out several popular Chinese action stars for the coveted role. Reportedly, the casting team for Star Wars were looking for someone with both martial arts skill and English proficiency; Donnie Yen came out on top and even beat out Jet Li. Apparently it all came down to asking price where Li was asking for 10 million per movie flick, while Yen asked for 4 million.

If you don’t know who Donnie Yen is, he’s no stranger to the big screen and has a lot of action movies under his belt. For starters, I would suggest you watch the movie Ip Man and Ip Man 2 where he played Bruce Lee’s master. This way you may familiarize yourself with his acting and his incredible fighting. I personally would rate him as one of the top martial arts actors of today.


This is great news for casting Yen since it’s already been reported that they cast martial artists from the movie The Raid, which was also a recent blockbuster hit here and in Asia. With all these martial artists on-screen, I hope that they actually give them proper screen time and fighting time since there’s a massive amount of physical talent that’s going to be on display.

We’ve covered Donnie Yen before in at article where he takes on the legendary dragon, Bruce Lee. Check it out here!

Source: Apple Daily  

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