WB knew that PC version of Arkham Knight was screwed for several months?


According to sources that have close ties with Kotaku, WB knew that Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC was well below low quality standards… For over a year. That’s some pretty shady business going on, but then again this is a company well known for releasing broken games on release (See: Arkham CityOrigins and Mortal Kombat X on PC) and yet people are shocked that this happened again.

Kotaku’s source, an anonymous QA Tester for WB states, “I will say that it’s pretty rich for WB to act like they had no idea the game was in such a horrible state. It’s been like this for months and all the problems we see now were the exact same, unchanged, almost a year ago.”

Kotaku themselves after hearing this information contacted WB for a comment, yet no replies were heard. If that wasn’t enough, the QA source had one more bit of information that should drive the point home about the shape the game was in the months before the release date:

“We reported literally thousands of bugs that were specific to the PC version relating to the frame rate,” said the QA source. “All sorts of fucked up texture issues. The Batmobile in particular has always fucked things up on PC.”

Buyer’s remorse anyone?

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