Goku Fights Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ clip


The wait is almost over. Frieza is alive and ready to exact his revenge against our favorite saiyan, Goku. Frieza’s first defeat at the hands of Goku left him in rage, to the point of wanting to destroy Earth and his friends with it but his plans were put to an end by Future Trunks. Now resurrected by the dragon balls, Frieza heads back to Earth to find Goku but with a new trick up his sleeve. With the US release only a month away (August 4-12 in select theaters), we are treated with a new clip to wet our appetite, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

The clip has Frieza ready to fight Goku, and after admitting some mistakes he instantly transforms into his final form. Knowing that both Goku and Vegeta love a good fight, Frieza seems like he doesn’t want to waste any time and go straight for the kill. Though the clip is short, but gives us a good look at the American release and the voice cast, which is largely the same since Dragon Ball Z Kai. Seeing Frieza powerup straight into his final form really sets the mood for the Z Fighters, they are in for one tough battle against the most feared villain in the Dragon Ball universe. Check it out!

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ battle in select theaters on August 4-12.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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