E3 2015: Roll for initiative in “Sword Coast Legends”

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Grab your 20 sided die, put it away and get ready to pour all your free time into Sword Coast Legends. The game includes a massive single player campaign to get your feet wet and see what the creators minds could come up with for a fascinating story with tons of voice work and deep character development. You can also create your own campaigns and have the ability to customize everything including your characters, NPC’s, environment, weather, enemies and even the text for everything you inspect so that you can now digitally create and share all of those crazy stories that you and your regular D&D friends come up with.

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Rather than follow the current trend in gaming where developers have been putting players and friends against one another in a 4v1 format, Digital Extremes embraces and encourages the DM to empower the entire party so that everyone enjoys the experience. Now that doesn’t mean that the DM still shouldn’t try to win and they definitely have the tools to do just that. Prior to the beginning of each adventure, the DM will craft a story full of quests, locations, NPC’s and enemies along with as much or as little back story as they see fit. Throughout the quest the DM will place traps, events and even ambushes to try and overwhelm the group of hopeful heroes. Speaking of heroes, during my time playing there were 4 classes shown off: a Cleric, Fighter, Rogue and Mage. Now while those may seem a bit basic, each of those 4 classes had variations that will fit your style depending on how you see fit. If you want your Rogue wearing heavy armor or your cleric to wield blades instead of staves and maces, you can do it. Keep in mind, you will incur some penalties to your rolls that come along with some of those choices.

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Sword Coast Legends follows the latest most streamlined 5th edition rules and is set against the backdrop of Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms universe. Digital Extremes is taking Dungeons & Dragons and positioning it to expand their audience by bringing the number 1 tabletop game to the digital format with Sword Coast Legends. I, for one, cannot wait to slay some Giant Spiders, Ogres and Necromancers and everything in the game that puts itself between me and my mission for fame and fortune.

Sword Coast Legends will release for PC/Mac/Linux on September 8th, and for Xbox One and PS4 later in 2015.

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