Videogame BANG! Episode 90: VideoDOOM BANG!

videogame bang

What’s Up Pizzas, it’s Cory here and it feels so great to be back in civilization and even better to be back on Sacramento’s number one Videogame Podcast with one of the most popular international cosplayers as a super special guest: IVY DOOMKITTY!!

Ivy is an amazing cosplayer and has been a great friend of the show for quite sometime, and after months of scheduling conflicts we finally were able to get it together and we got to know the popular cos-pimp on a whole new level in this full-hour interview.

Also on the show we have Aaron Carter and The Real David Webb. We talk in-depth with Ivy about crowdfunding cosplay, Trek Isolation, San Diego Comic-Con, and a whole lot more. Plus you can hear my mom vacuuming in the background!!!

For more Ivy Doomkitty:

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