Paul Rudd can’t stop farting during this hilarious Ant-Man interview

paul rudd ant-man fart man

During a recent interview with Clevver Movies, Ant-Man‘s Paul Rudd could not stop farting during his interview with interviewer Erin Robinson. Well, maybe he wasn’t farting, but his leather chair was definitely having some sort of malfunction that allowed him to not just control ants, but control the sounds of fake bowel movements.

The journalist didnt get uncomfortable or try to awkwardly ignore it. Instead she went with it and started laughing as Paul Rudd continued to use his control to make it as funny as possible.

During a point where she says to him “fake it, you’re an actor” he responds with, you guessed it, another fake fart sound. This interview clearly demonstrates the fun that the movie is sure to have, and from what I have heard from nearly 6 friends who have already seen it, Ant-Man delivered a “Giant-Man” sized performance.

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