Mage and Minions get their first major expansion!


From the people who gave you the popular mobile RPG game Mage and Minions, independent game developer  and publisher Making Fun are giving you their first major expansion to the game called ‘Act III: Pyramids of the Gods’.

What?! What is this magic?!?

The new expansion will be giving fans many new game levels, a richer storyline, over 200 character voice recordings, an overhauled statistics system, and a higher level cap – to wage war with an even deadlier efficiency. Hero characters can now shout battle cries as they unleash their new powers.

In this new act of the story, players will hack and slash through pyramids, jungles, and the deserts of Nirgal, the rusty planet in Elderath’s sky, that is also inhabited by a species of blood-thirsty reptilian aliens called the Aztrak. In order to halt the evil Lord Ragadam’s plan, players must develop their powers, combat skills, and collect loot, armor, and weapons to fight the real-time battles against the enemy – skeletons, robots, beasts, demons, aliens, and dragons! The new storyline will also answer many of the players questions have had regarding the universe of Elderath.

Adrian Zaharia of Snowglobe Games, Making Fun’s development partner commented, “This expansion is all about action, with new abilities designed to further enhance the player’s feeling of power and mastery. Encounters are won by split second decisions and clever use of your skills. For example, triggering the new mage ability Death from Above makes you rise above the battlefield and bombard an area with a hail of fireballs. Use it to obliterate a pack of monsters, but time it well to also evade a powerful attack! That decision can make the difference between losing or winning an encounter.”‘

Want to play the game? Act III is available NOW! Mage and Minions is available free to download for iOS and Android.

For more information on Mage and Minions and , visit their website here.


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