Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games series episode 4 ‘Sons of Winter’ review

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Now we’re finally getting somewhere. I’m a big fan of Telltale Games’ many different series, but I’ve been having a hard time getting interested in the characters and plot for Game of Thrones. (You can read our reviews for episode 1, 2, and 3.) The previous three episodes felt more like it was trying to cater to HBO’s Game of Thrones fans by tossing in a bunch of characters like Tyrion, Ramsey Snow, Jon Snow and etc, with the plot moving at a snail’s pace. The really interesting parts for each episode are the cliffhangers. Now the very long setup is starting to pay off, and it feels like your characters are finally in control of the outcome of the story. (You were pretty much everybody’s bitch in the previous episodes.)

The following is based on my playthrough, since the choices players make may alter their path.

Rodrik Forrester, who is now the man in charge of Ironrath, has been handicapped and unable to take control. His enemies are uninvited guests, and Rodrik and his family are pretty much at their mercy. However, an alliance with  Elaena and Arthur Glenmore may prove useful to stop the Whitehills from causing trouble and headache for the Forresters. Rodrik also has a chance to save his younger brother from the Whitehills, and he does this by going to the Whitehills kingdom. The tough part is you can choose whether to have backup or have them stay in Ironrath. Will he be able to save his brother?

Meanwhile in King’s Landing, King Joffrey has died. Mira Forrester is close to finding out what the Whitehills is planning in order to triumph over House Forrester. It’s a game of words as she tries to find allies while also trying to get people to fess up.

Gared Tuttle, loyal to the Forresters, is at the Wall and is trying to head north to the North Grove. That proves tough as he gets locked up for killing a fellow Night’s Watch member out of self defense. Once he breaks free, he’s finally able to head north so that he can try to find help for House Forrester. He and his two partners encounter Wildlings, but one of them is able to help them on their journey.

And outside of Westeros is the continent of Essos near the city of Mereen. We have Asher Forrester, and he’s currently trying to barter with Daenerys Targaryen so that he can get an army to help fend off the Whitehills in Ironrath. To do this, he must help Daenerys’ army inside Mereen so that they can free the slaves.

The journey for all of the playable characters has me rooting for them to succeed. It is Game of Thrones, so the writers might throw a huge curve ball in the next episode. In this episode, I felt as if my actions actually matter in the grand scheme of things. Thanks to the episodic nature and the cliffhangers at the end of each episode, I am hooked and dedicated to protecting House Forrester. One wrong move and the house can end in death. (Or at least the illusion of death.)

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