Voice actor Nolan North confirms Last of Us 2 is happening


Nolan North is a voice actor who has portrayed popular video game characters including Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series and Desmond Miles in the Assassin’s Creed series. He also had a small part as David in The Last of Us. During his panel at Metrocon, he was asked by an audience member if he’s going to be doing more stuff for Naughty Dog, the developing studio that worked on the Uncharted series and The Last of Us series.

“For now I know they’re doing Last of Us 2, but my character in Last of Us kind of met an untimely demise,” North said.

Troy Baker, who played Joel in The Last of Us, said that he didn’t know about a sequel to The Last of Us. during Indy PopCon over the weekend.

“Okay, so I’m… And by the way I know nothing,” he said. “I don’t know if we’re gonna do another one or not. If we do, then I trust Neil [Druckmann, creative director] and Bruce [Straley, game director] and everyone at Naughty Dog to tell a story that needs to be told.”

Actors have been known to keep quiet about upcoming projects, since they don’t want to break the NDA agreement. Since Troy has a big part in the games, perhaps he has more of a responsibility compared to Nolan, who had a small part.

With the popularity of The Last of Us, it shouldn’t be a surprise to gamers that Naughty Dog is working on a sequel. However, they may throw a curve ball and announce a new IP.

Here’s another clue that The Last of Us 2 is happening. A character artist from Secret 6, a studio that created art for The Last of Us, has listed The Last of Us 2 as a current project.

Source: NeoGAF via Polygon

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