New Vampire Hunter D series in the works

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There is a new Vampire Hunter D in the works. AnimeNewsNetwork was told by Unified Pictures studio that a CG-animated series based on Hideyuki Kikuchi’s long-running Vampire Hunter D novel will unveil plans at Anime Expo later this week.

The studio will be co-producing the series with Digital Frontier (Resident Evil: Degenaration, Mighty No. 9), a Japanese CGI animation studios. Kikuchi will also be involved in this project. Unified Pictures is going to unveil the plans on Thursday July 2nd and give detailed information regarding story and format. They will also have a Q&A session on that following Saturday.

Scott McLean, Unified Pictures producer, said:

I’ve been a fan of Vampire Hunter D since I was a teenager. I’m overjoyed at being able to be a part of creating a new chapter for a story I greatly admire.

Were you a fan of Vampire Hunter D? Are you excited about this news? Let us know.

As the name suggests, Vampire Hunter D is a vampire hunter. What makes him special is that he is a dhampir, a half-breed whose father is a vampire and mother is a human. His stories take place in the post-apocalyptic future with influences from western, science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

Source: ANN

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