George Takei on same sex-marriage and Star Trek fans

George Takei 2

The landmark Supreme Court announcement that struck down state bans on same-sex marriages dominated the news on Friday. And in the LGBT community, there are few celebrities more well-regarded and well-known than Star Trek’s first Asian captain, George Takei.

Openly gay since 2005, Takei memorably played the role of helmsman Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek: The Original Series, and commanded the Excelsior in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. However, as memorable as his role is within the Star Trek universe, Takei has gained even greater acclaim in recent years as an outspoken and staunch supporter for LGBT rights.

George Takei recently spoke to Variety about same-sex marriage, his career, and the challenges of navigating Hollywood as a gay man. In this interview, Takei further elaborates about Star Trek fans, stating that fans of the shows accepted his sexual orientation.

Takei said, “Star Trek is all about acceptance and the strength of the Starship Enterprise is that it embraces diversity in all its forms.”

As an avid Trekker, I’ve always looked up to Takei as one of the few minority leads in a groundbreaking television and movie series. And when he came out in 2005, I admired his courage to share so openly about his sexual orientation. Hearing him validate his positive experiences with the Star Trek community as a whole makes me proud to be a part of it.

Because if there’s one thing we should take away from Star Trek, it’s that regardless of our differences, we should treat everyone, be they green skinned or part of a Borg collective, with respect and dignity. Except for the Romulans. We hate those guys.

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