Japanese Ant-Man trailer is jam-packed with spoilery footage


Let’s face it, Hollywood studios have an almost impossible task of promoting their movie. On one hand, they have to show footage that grabs audience’s attention to strike it big at the box office but at the expense of giving too much of the movie away (see: Jurassic World). On the other hand, if they keep to the heart and don’t show too much footage, the audience might not gravitate towards the movie and end up tanking at the box office (see: Tomorrowland).

Marvel tends to follow the former and show a lot of footage the last few weeks before release. The brand new Japanese trailer for Ant-Man is no exception. While it doesn’t show anything too spoilerish, it does contain brand new footage that people might consider big spoilers. If you dare, check out the trailer below!

Ant-Man shrinks into theaters on July 17th.

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