Super Mario Maker may not need the internet to have fun?

Wii U super Mario Maker

Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker will include 100 courses that you can play and edit… without an internet connection.

According to the Nintendo UK listing on their website, Super Mario Maker will be giving consumers an infinite number of courses that are downloadable by connecting to the Internet, but the game will come with 100 courses that are already available for gameplay without the use the almighty information superhighway!

Along with the already existing courses, Super Mario Maker will allow players to build their own levels, revisiting those old nostalgic NES feelings. Once you create your level, you can share them with the world, by uploading them, where other people can have the opportunity to download them and try them out.

Super Mario Maker is scheduled to be released September 11th of this year on Wii U.

Source: Nintendo

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