E3 2015: Project X Zone 2 hands-on preview


Crossover RPGs don’t make it out to the West very often, and they leave fans missing out on some really fun games that are about giving the fans what they want. When Namco Bandai Games announced they would be releasing Project X Zone, fans where happy that they were finally getting a game featuring iconic characters from Sega, Capcom, and Bandai Namco franchises.

It was a nice surprise when Project X Zone 2 was announced back in April, and at E3 the game had a playable build. It was a short demo that featured one stage, and of course you had a handful of characters to play with including Zero and X, Chris and Jill, Ryu and Ken, Kazuma and Goro along with a few other characters. The game’s battle system feels exactly like the last game where you are placed on a grid and can move to any spots within your movement range. You can attack enemies which enters you into a battle scene where you can perform different combos.

There wasn’t anything noticeably different from the first game, but the game played almost exactly like Namco X Capcom, which was only released in Japan. Even then the game was still fun to play, thanks to so many iconic characters and a fun battle system. Noticing the build had Mega Man and Zero’s sworn enemy, Sigma, he became my first target and finally after a few turns I was able to unleash X and Zero’s ultimate attack, which was pretty much the same one from the first game. (No complaints here.)

I’m looking forward to seeing what characters will be added to the game. I am already happy with Vergil teaming with Dante and Haseo teaming with Kite, but would love to see a few more additions in terms of maybe Sonic the Hedgehog and more Tales of characters.

No set release date for Project X Zone 2 has been announced.

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